BerleyPro Hoodoo Impulse Humminbird XM9 MSI Transducer Mount

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Use this transducer mount to attach Humminbird Mega Side Imaging transducers that come with the Helix Gen3 range to the bottom of your Hoodoo kayak.

These are made from 3mm ABS plastic and come with both the mounting plate and cover. The sonar, downscan and sidescan is able to shoot through these covers while it sits nice and protected.

This fits the following transducers.

  • Humminbird XM9 Mega Side Imaging Transducer

*Mounting hardware included.* 

*Transducer mount installs in place of the transducer cage mounted to the bottom of Hoodoo Impulse kayaks.* 

This fits the following kayaks

  • Impulse 105
  • Impulse 120
  • Impulse 135