FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What does a "back order" mean? And why do the back order dates change?

A: Occasionally, if demand is very high, you will notice some of our products are on a "back order." You still have the option of ordering these products, and you will see a red banner displaying an estimated shipping date. Keep in mind that because they are back ordered, that may mean that your particular products has not yet been manufactured. Therefore, the estimated shipping date is exactly that, an estimate. These dates are subject to change. When your product actually ships to you, you will receive a confirmation email with tracking information. The tracking information will give you a more accurate Estimated Time of Arrival.


Q: What kayaks are best for fishing? 

A: https://www.hoodoosports.com/blogs/news/the-best-hoodoo-kayaks-for-fishing


Q: How do I get my first responder or military discount? 

A: Simply navigate to our Military/First Responder page from the homepage of our website. Then, just follow the steps for verification, and you will receive a discount code for 10% off your purchase!


Q: Which models accept a pedal drive system? 

A: Currently our Tempest 120/120P and Impulse 105/120/135 models either come with, or are capable of accepting, a pedal drive system. We also offer a tandem pedal drive kayak, the Tempest 140P. This model comes with two pedal drive systems.


Q: How are your kayaks shipped? 

A: Kayaks have to ship through freight due to their size. 


Q: How much is it to ship a kayak? 

A: We charge a flat rate of $99.99 anywhere in the lower 48 states for freight terminal pickup (closest Estes freight terminal to your address). For home delivery, it is a flat rate of $149.99 (delivery to your your shipping address). Remote area delivery may require an additional charge of $49. Our shipping price is both competitive and advantageous to our customers, as we cover the remainder of the cost of freight shipping other than our flat-rate charge. 


Q: How are the kayaks packaged for shipping? 

A: Many of our competitors ship their kayaks wrapped only in plastic due to cost. We follow an extra step and wrap our kayaks in both plastic and a double-walled box. Rarely are our kayaks damaged as a result of this packing method, but we still encourage our customers to inspect them upon delivery and to note any damage with the freight driver.


Q: Why have I not yet received a tracking number for my kayak? When will I receive it? 

A: We will email you tracking information the day it ships. Due to COVID-19 and other unprecedented scenarios, longer-than-average shipping delays may be experienced currently. If you haven't yet received tracking information, please be patient, and we will email it as soon as it is available!