Picture yourself on the water on a hot day reaching for the sweet relief of a cold beverage. Don't let yourself reach for a drink that lost its refreshing temperature hours ago when you could experience the type of cool that is even colder than when it went in. When it's gotta be cold, Hoodoo, you trust. Its durability is un-paralleled with a unique, roto-mold design. At 3.5 inches of insulation, this is the single most insulated ice chest on the market, out-performing the competition in both quality and price.


Color: Polar Ice (White), Ocean Blue, Atlantic Sand (Tan), Charcoal Slate (Gray), Pink

Capacity:  22qt.  

30   20 lbs (only) 

Weight: 16lbs

Material: Polyethylene

Features: Rotationally-Molded, Insulated, Stainless Steel Handle With Soft Grip

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