HOODOO Tempest 120P Pedal Drive Kayak


The HOODOO Tempest 120P offers the same great kayaking experience as our HOODOO Tempest 120 Hybrid, but with the added convenience of a pedal drive and hand controlled rudder system. So place the paddle in the paddle keeper, sit back in the ultra comfortable aluminum frame seat and cast away while pedaling into that perfect fishing spot. Boasting a true hybrid experience between an angler and a fast track kayak. Cut through the water with its streamlined, hydro-dynamic hull, or throw out a line and just relax. This uniquely-designed hull features a recessed hand controlled rudder system for pedaling with accurate control, increasing speed and reducing fatigue! This boat is one of size AND comfort offering quick and easy maneuverability on the water.


Size: 12ft Length by 33" Width

Weight: 85lbs (includes pedal drive)

Weight Capacity: 450lbs

Material: Single-piece rotomolded polyethylene

Features: Scupper Plugs, gear tracks, drain plug, molded handles, paddle clip with hardware, paddle, aluminum-frame seat, blade rudder with hand controls, removable pedal drive, and dry storage.

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