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Electric Motors and Pedal Drives

Introducing the Hoodoo Sports Electric Motors and Pedal Drives Collection, meticulously designed to elevate your kayaking experience with seamless efficiency. Crafted specifically to complement Hoodoo kayaks, this collection seamlessly integrates advanced technology to propel you through the water with ease.

Electric Motors:

Unleash the power of innovation with kayak trolling motors by Bixpy and Hoodoo Sports. Quiet, efficient, and designed to fit Hoodoo kayaks, these electric motors redefine the way you navigate through the water. Experience the thrill of silent propulsion as you effortlessly explore the outdoors. Bixpy electric trolling motors are powered by their proprietary battery, and Hoodoo Sports trolling motors can be propelled by a 12V marine battery with at least 50ah. 

Pedal Drives:

Immerse yourself in hands-free adventure with innovative pedal drive systems by Hoodoo Sports. Engineered to seamlessly fit Hoodoo kayaks, these pedal drives provide an unparalleled kayak experience that allows you to propel through the water without the need for a paddle. Effortlessly glide through the water using the power of your legs, leaving your hands free to cast, photograph, or simply enjoy the scenery. Offering both propeller drives and fin drives, our pedal drives redefine convenience and elevate your kayaking game.

Collection Highlights: 

Tailored for Hoodoo Kayaks: Each electric motor and pedal drive in this collection is designed with precision to seamlessly integrate with Hoodoo kayaks, ensuring a perfect fit and optimal performance.

Silent Efficiency: All electric motors we sell offer a quiet kayaking experience, allowing you to connect with nature without the disturbance familiar to gasoline-powered motors. Explore serene waters with the peace of mind that comes with this technology.

Hands-Free Adventure: The pedal drives in this collection provide a kayaking experience that only requires your hands to steer the rudder. This allows you to focus on the journey while effortlessly propelling yourself forward with the power of your legs. 

Enhance your kayaking experiences with our electric trolling motor and pedal drive collection, where innovation meets adventure. Explore the waterways with confidence, propelled by the perfect fusion of technology and design.