Bixpy Universal Versa Rudder With Steering

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Bixpy Versa Rudder™ With Steering is the first rudder in the market specifically designed to accept a motor as an option. The rudder is made from anodized aluminum and glass-filled nylon and ready to take on any adventure, saltwater or fresh! The Versa Rudder™ also offers a tail for better turning, wheels to assist raising/lowering the rudder, a quick-release pin, and two steering options(Pole Steering/ V-Arm™ Steering)!

The Versa Rudder™ offers a molded 10mm stainless steel pin that offers easy installation and can replace most other manufacturer rudders in seconds! It also offers a robust double hinged, 90° Slide & Stow mechanism that gets the rudder completely out of the water in a heartbeat!

The Versa Rudder™ also features a gravity driven locking mechanism that allows the rudder to lock into place when motorized in forward or reverse. Steering our rudder can be done by using the existing rudder steering lines on your watercraft with our included V-ARM™ Steering Bracket. If you do not have existing steering lines on your kayak, you can use our Pole Steering to steer the rudder instead of the V-ARM™ Steering Bracket. Please make sure you choose the appropriate steering option for your watercraft.

Make sure that you are getting the right Bixpy adapter for your watercraft on

*Motors shown in the above pictures are not included in the adapter kit