YakGadget FlexRod Horizontal Rod and Paddle Staging System

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Introducing the YakGadget FlexRod Horizontal Rod and Paddle Staging System - the ultimate companion for kayak enthusiasts who crave convenient and efficient storage while on the water. Crafted with precision in the USA, this innovative accessory takes your kayaking experience to the next level with its seamless design and hassle-free installation. 

Key Features:

Effortless Installation: No tools, no fuss! The YakGadget FlexRod easily installs onto kayak accessory and/or track rails, ensuring a quick and straightforward setup. Simply loosen the thumb screw and slide the FlexRod into your track rails. There is another thumb screw to adjust how far out you want your paddle and fishing rods to sit from your kayak. 

Dual Functionality: This versatile staging system is designed for both your paddle and fishing rods. Experience the convenience of having your paddle securely staged while leaving two dedicated spaces for your fishing rods. Never compromise on gear placement again. 

Made in the USA: Quality matters, and that's why the YakGadget FlexRod is proudly made in the USA by an independently-owned business. Expect precise craftsmanship and durability that can withstand the rigors of your kayaking adventures.

Secure Snap Mechanism: The paddle easily snaps into place, providing a secure and stable hold. No more worrying about losing your paddle or it shifting out of place on the water. 

Universal Track Rail Compatibility: Whether you own a Hoodoo kayak or a kayak by another make, this staging system is compatible with a variety of kayak accessory and/or track rails. It's designed to seamlessly integrate with your existing setup for a hassle-free experience. 

Upgrade your kayaking game with the YakGadget FlexRod Horizontal Rod and Paddle Staging System - where functionality meets simplicity. Embrace the freedom to paddle and fish with ease, all while enjoying the unbeatable quality of a product made in the USA.