Selecting The Right Kayak

Selecting The Right Kayak

Christopher Harshbarger

Are you thinking about getting into kayaking or purchasing a new one? It is essential to know that kayaks come in all sizes and shapes, and you want to select the best fit for yourself. When you have the right fit in your kayak, you will get more enjoyment out of its use, and your journey will be much safer. When selecting the right kayak, you want to consider two factors- how you will use it and where.

Where and How You Will Be Kayaking

To select the right unit for your kayaking experience, you want to know if you will be using it on a sheltered, small area of water such as a lake or pond. It will make a significant difference in your selection of a model if you will be kayaking on large bodies of water with waves and wind. You will also want to consider whether or not you will be paddling a lot of time as you will then want a responsive and fast model.

Once you know where and how you will be kayaking, there are decisions to make on selecting the right model for your needs.

Sit-Inside Kayaks

The sit-inside model kayaks are excellent if you know you will be paddling a significant amount of the time in cool waters. These units allow you to stay dry while you paddle and provide a faster-moving kayak. The con to these models is if you flip over for any reason. Recovering from a sit-inside kayak is not simple as the kayak will swamp.

If you've decided the sit-inside kayak is your selection, you will now need to choose a length. The narrower, more extended units will move faster. More expansive units are more stable but will move slower. You will have a lot more options in length and width with a sit-inside kayak.

Sit-On-Top Kayaks

Sit-On-Top is the most user-friendly for kayaking. These models are more stable and more comfortable to get in and out. They also do not give that feeling of confinement. The sit-on-top units are self-bailing, so the water will drain through small holes, or scupper holes, which go through the kayak. Another great feature with these models is that they are easy to slip on and off, so make a great choice for younger children.

The sit-on-tops are also good choices for cautious paddlers and warmer environments. These units also work better for rough water conditions, and if you are someone paddling with your kids who love to jump off from time to time to swim.

The con or negative side of the sit-on-top kayaking experience is that you will get wet on your journey. The sit-inside allows you to stay dry as long as you don't tip, but the sit-on-top almost guarantees you will get wet.

Categories for Kayaking

Kayaking can be broken down into categories. There is recreational kayaking, which suggests broader, shorter kayaks with large cockpits that are not confining. These units are generally nine to twelve feet in length.

Another kayaking category is fishing. Kayak fishing is becoming an increasingly popular event. When choosing a kayak to fish from, there are several decisions to consider before making a purchase:

  • Kayak Type- Sit inside kayaks have limited cargo space, which isn’t great for fishing. A sit-on-top model is a better choice. These units allow for the mounting of accessories such as the kayak fish finder or utility tracks.
  • Body Type- You will want ample leg room while fishing as well as a seat that adjusts.
  • Stability- When kayaking to fish, you want a stable kayak that allows for twisting and turning to cast and land your fish. You want to stay away from those that are 'tippy.' If using your kayak for fishing, you want it to be at least 30 inches in width.
  • Transportability- The more features you add to your kayak to aid you in fishing, the heavier it will become. You should know how you are going to move your kayak from one fishing hole to another, and how much weight you and the vehicle transporting it can handle.

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