Best Accessories for Kayaking

Jared Harshbarger

"What are the best accessories to purchase for my kayak?" 

This is a question we get asked all the time from Hoodoo Sports customers. If you are new to kayaking, the number of accessories and options for your kayak seem virtually endless. It can all be overwhelming. In this article, we hope to provide you with examples of the best accessories for kayaking to help you decide.

Do you even need accessories?

Here at Hoodoo Sports, every kayak model we create will be delivered to you "turn-key." A Hoodoo kayak will come with a paddle, seat, scupper plugs, and if you ordered a pedal-driven model, a pedal drive. The only thing left that you will need to get on the water would be a PFD (Personal Flotation Device). With all that said, you do not necessarily need accessories, but there are so many great options for kayak accessories out there that you can really rig your kayak up however you want. 

What kind of kayaking do you primarily do?

Are you someone who just likes to take their kayak out every once in a while to relax on the water? Or are you an avid kayak fisherman? Or are you a thrill-seeker who won't even put their kayak on a body of water that has lower than Class 3 rapids? The type of kayaking you enjoy can play a part in the kayak accessories you might be interested in. For example, if you are just a leisurely kayaker who enjoys to float down the river (this is me), then you might like to have a RAILBLAZA Mobi Device Holder to mount your cell phone to your accessory rails. Or, you might like the RAILBLAZA DrinkHold so you don't spill that cold brew going down the river.

Kayak fishing is a different story. There are so many options for kayak accessories in this regard that it can be tough to decide on what you want. Personally, for kayak fishermen, I recommend at least having the RAILBLAZA Rod Holder II to mount to your accessory rails. If you are on big water, and you tend to carry a lot of gear on your kayak, then you might want to add stabilizer outriggers to your boat. These essentially act as pontoons that hang off the port and starboard sides of the kayak to provide extra stability. 


There are many more options for kayak accessories in addition to the previously mentioned items, and Hoodoo Sports sells many of these right here on our website. Be sure to check them out at

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