Selecting a Kayak Color

Selecting a Kayak Color

Jared Harshbarger

Many first-time kayakers want to know, "does color matter?" Every kayaker wants to ensure both a fun and safe experience on the water. How does the color of your kayak affect visibility? Or does visibility even matter? In this article, we hope to answer these questions and clear up any confusion.

As a kayaker from the mountains and rivers of Virginia, visibility doesn't tend to make a huge difference when you don't run the risk of large, motorized boats speeding across glassy waters. In this environment, color is all about personal preference and trying to prove to your buddies that you have the coolest kayak! However, when it comes to kayaking in large, open bodies of water, color can make a difference in how visible you are to other boaters. Think about it. If you were piloting a large pontoon boat in the middle of the lake, it would be difficult to see a kayaker sitting almost surface-level in the water. This is where you might want to consider a bright, vibrant color such as some of the colors Hoodoo kayaks offer. A popular color in the Hoodoo Impulse kayak line is "Limetreuse" for its bright, almost neon, lime-green color. If you are in the market for a paddle-only Hoodoo kayak, it's hard not to be noticed in the "Pink Camo" or "Molten Lava" color styles. 

At the end of the day, Hoodoo Sports offers a variety of colors that are both beautiful and practical. Just know that both your personal preference and the environment you will be kayaking in will determine your kayak color. Have fun when choosing the color of your Hoodoo kayak, and check out some of our other articles for safety tips and recommendations!

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